Sweet and Tangy Tropical Smoothie

Having had regular home-made smoothies since I was a tiny child, I know that they are the easiest way to pack so many fruits and vegetables into your daily routine with barely any effort. With limitless combinations, you can also get fun when making them and even use things that you may not like whole – such as skins, which can often hold lots of powerful nutrients that we miss out on when we discard them. Making smoothies at home is a great way to reduce food waste, implement a healthier diet, and get creative in the kitchen.

I have never before recorded a smoothie recipe because I generally just put together anything I think will work, enjoy, and move on to the next. I like to smoothie freestyle, but this recipe was so good I just had to note down what I used because I will be doing it again! This recipe is so simple, with very few ingredients, and it is quick to make. The result is a vivid and exotic taste that is teeming with natural sugars to quench that sweet tooth, particularly as the weather gets warmer and we start craving fresher foods.

This delicious smoothie recipe serves three people, or two if you want extra large glasses – perfect for sharing. Don’t forget to drop a like if you enjoyed this smoothie and let me know what you thought in the comments below! And of course, hit that subscribe button to get content like this – and more – delivered straight to your inbox!


> 1 Whole Mango.

> 1/3 of a Honeydew Melon.

> 300ml Orange Juice – pulp too, if you are squeezing from fresh.

> 300ml Water.

> Optional Protein Powder.


1) Prepare the fruit. Cut the flesh of the melon and mango into small pieces to make them easier to process.

2) If making from scratch, squeeze some fresh orange juice, reserving the pulp.

3) Add all of the fruit, water, and the orange juice into the blender. You can freeze the rest of the melon to use again later, if not saving to eat fresh.

4) Blend until smooth, or to whatever consistency desired. If the machine struggles at any point, just add water incrementally to help it work through. When ready, pour into glassed and enjoy!


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