Chickpea & Potato Curry Recipe

Chickpea and Potato Curry – filling, delicious and simple! This healthy recipe is vegan and it is perfect for cold days when you really want something to warm you up and keep you full. Providing you have all of your ingredients, this curry is incredibly easy to make and it is a perfect meal for the lazy chef. It does not need constant attention and you can have it done within an hour including prep, or you can keep it going for as long as you like by leaving it on a low heat, or heating it at a later time after leaving the potatoes and chickpeas to soak in the mix. Once made, this curry is freezable too! Just spoon it into a freezer bag/container after it cools and pop it in, making it a great choice for meal preparation and ensuring that nothing goes to waste.


> 5 Large Potatoes, of any kind suitable for peeling and boiling.

> 400g Canned Chickpeas, drained and rinsed.

> 3 Garlic Cloves.

> 2 TBSP Olive Oil.

> 2 TBSP Vegan Butter.

> 2 TBSP Masala Powder.

> 2 TSP Garam Masala Powder.

> 2 TSP Ground Cumin.

> 1 TSP Ground Turmeric.

> A handful of fresh, washed and finely chopped Coriander.

> 400g Canned Chopped Tomatoes, or a punnet of fresh tomatoes.

> 2 TBSP Tomato Puree.

> 2 TSP Dried Basil.

> 2 TSP Chilli Powder of any heat level, but preferably hot.

> 1 TSP Salt.

> 1-2 TSP Ground Black Pepper.

> 1 TSP of Sugar, any kind but ideally Caster or Brown.

> 200ml Oat Milk or other plant-based milk.


Step One: Once you have your ingredients together and ready to go, peel the potatoes and cut them into cubes. Put them in cold water and boil for around twenty minutes on a high heat. I like to do small cubes that are not so tiny that they all disintegrate but are bite-sized pieces rather than big chunks. You can cut them however small or large you want, but be aware that they will not change form in the mix later unless you deliberately crush them to thicken the curry or overboil them at this stage.

Step Two: Around ten minutes into the boiling add the chickpeas into the water with the potatoes, just to soften them a little bit. Meanwhile, blend your tomatoes with the puree until completely smooth and merged.

Step Three: Transfer your tomato base from the blender to a pot large enough to accommodate the potatoes and chickpeas being added in later. Add the basil, garlic, olive oil, butter, masala powder, garam masala powder, cumin, turmeric, coriander, chilli powder, salt, pepper and sugar. Lightly warm the mix on a low heat until the potatoes are boiled through, stirring occasionally to ensure combination.

Step Four: Drain the potatoes and chickpeas and add them to the mix. Stir well, add the oat milk and then leave to simmer on a medium-low heat for around twenty minutes. Stir occasionally and add more oat milk to your liking if you want a thinner sauce.

Step Five: Once done, serve with a small portion of rice or whatever else you want. The curry in itself is very filling, so if you want a lighter option then skip the rice and serve alone or with a little bit of bread.

It may sound clichéd, but eating well does not mean sacrificing taste or feeling hungry at the end of a meal. This curry is a staple recipe that can be enjoyed by everyone and served in a number of ways. It can easily be expanded if you want to add extras to it because it is a solid and reliable base, as well as a tasty vegan meal in itself. Enjoy, and let me know in the comment section what you thought if you make it!


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