The Jersey Collection; Rozel Bay

View from the pier, Rozel Bay, Jersey, Channel Islands.

Rozel Bay, another hidden Jersey gem off the beaten track, Jersey being the largest of the Channel Islands. A unique place to make a trip to, the bay is very different from many of Jersey’s gorgeous beaches and has its own distinctive personality. A small bay and harbour, Rozel Bay is the embodiment of a postcard place and is well worthy of a visit if you are in Jersey, or planning to be.

Rozel Bay is situated on Jersey’s North-East coast, between the parishes of Trinity and St Martin. Despite being quite small, it is popular with locals and vistors, yet it retains a remote vibe. The bay has a sandy, shingle beach that can be reached at low tide and deep blue waters that are safe to swim in, although caution should be taken as there is no lifeguard service and there are rocks beneath the water surface in places. If you visit at high tide, the shore will be completely covered in water, so make sure that you check tide times if you wish to see it. You can also find old dis-used cannons dotted around the bay, which were originally built to defend the port from French invasion and provide visual insight into Jersey’s history.

View from the pier, Rozel Bay, Jersey, Channel Islands.

Rozel’s harbour was built in the 1800s and you will always find plenty of boats anchored there. It is a great spot to visit on the island if you yourself are sailing. There is also a pier that is great if you fancy some pier-jumping, or just if you want a good view out over the ocean. Rozel loses the sun in the late afternoon/early evening, but it is pretty any time of the day with bright and colourful little houses lining the harbour front. It is mostly sheltered by wooded headlands on either side, which make for great hiking and can be accessed on the route to the bay where you will find trail signs.

Parking is available at Rozel and on the road down to it, although it is very limited. If you are using Jersey’s Liberty Bus Service, the bay can be reached by Route 3. Rozel has disabled access, as well as facilities. There are public toilets, cafés, a gift shop and a very popular kiosk along the harbour, and a few miles away you can find Rozel Village. Dogs are always allowed but should be kept on the lead during peak times in high season.

Rozel Bay really has that traditional seaside feel that so many crave, minus busy overbearing crowds. It is a perfect place to visit if you are looking to see some of Jersey’s lesser known spots and really get to know ‘the rock’ as the island is sometimes referred to. If you’re planning on heading to this picturesque bay or have been before, let me know what you thought in the comment section!

View from the harbour front, Rozel Bay, Jersey, Channel Islands.

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