The Jersey Collection; Beauport Bay

It’s been a long time since my last post (final year of university now completed) and I thought the perfect spot to write about to get back into it would be Beauport Bay! Like the name suggests, this secluded bay is just stunningly beautiful and it is a new-found favourite of mine on the gorgeous island of Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands.

The view overlooking St Brelade’s Bay and Beauport Bay, Jersey, Channel Islands.

Not so much is known about the history of the bay in comparison to other areas on the island and it is certainly used less than its extremely popular neighbour, St Brelade’s Bay. Beauport Bay is located on the South-West of Jersey and despite being one of the island’s less known bays, it is still very popular. The beach is completely undeveloped and natural, which highlights its raw, wild beauty. Slightly pink-golden sands meet clean, turquoise waters perfect for swimming, and a plethora of rocks gather pools to be explored. Like St Brelade’s, Beauport is a hot-spot for crabs (can you blame them?) so watch where you step if you visit!

Exploring some rock pools, Beauport Bay, Jersey, Channel Islands.

Beauport is often used as the face of campaigns for Jersey, which is unsurprising as it is such a unique place. A relatively small bay, cliffs jut out into the sea on either side of the beach, providing shelter from winds. As it faces the South, it keeps the sun until the late afternoon. Swimming is generally safe here, although the bay does not offer a lifeguard service. It is definitely worth taking a dip in the clear and refreshing water and you may need to on a hot day as it is a steep walk down to reach the beach. As you arrive, you will have to go down plenty of steps and dusty paths, and then clamber over layered, pink-tinged boulders to get to the sands. Unfortunately, because of this there is no disabled access and I wouldn’t recommend this spot to those who struggle getting around. However, if you can make it, the journey down is not too long and is definitely worthwhile!

Beauport Bay, Jersey, Channel Islands.

With Beauport Bay, the walk down offers more than just the destination – though what a destination it is! The bay is a great place to head to for a stroll, with the paths to the beach set in a woodland nature reserve full of impressive trees and plants, including juniper and blackberry bushes. This adds to the untouched feel of the bay, which nature lovers and explorers will really enjoy.

The woodland nature reserve on the trail down to Beauport Bay, Jersey, Channel Islands.

Happily, four-legged friends can enjoy Beauport too, with dogs allowed all year round (but they should be kept on the lead during high season). Just make sure you bring everything you need/want with you, because there are no facilities or toilets nearby. If driving, parking is free and will get you right to the beginning of the trail down to the beach. If using Jersey’s bus service, the nearest bus stop will drop you off at St Brelade’s Church, which is served by Route 12, 12A and 14. From there, follow the signs which will guide you up a narrow, winding road to reach the carpark. Naturally, be careful for cars, although it is usually quiet.

Beauport Bay, Jersey, Channel Islands.

Beauport is an incredible Jersey gem that you absolutely will not forget if you stop by! Though times are strange right now and a lot of people have had to postpone and cancel travel plans, some inspo is always useful to stay positive and provide some new ideas for the future! I hope you enjoy reading about this gorgeous place and that it inspires you to take a trip! Let me know in the comments if it has, or what you thought of Beauport if you’ve paid a visit before!

Beauport Bay, Jersey, Channel Islands.

Sunset over the cliffs, Beauport Bay, Jersey, Channel Islands.
Beauport Bay, Jersey, Channel Islands.
The woodland nature reserve on the trail down to Beauport Bay, Jersey, Channel Islands.

8 thoughts on “The Jersey Collection; Beauport Bay

  1. What a gem of a place, and hardly a stone’s throw from the mainland. You certainly have inspired me – come the end of lockdown, I’m going to visit Jersey as fast as I can.

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  2. I really must make more of an effort to “do” Jersey. We tend to visit the same three beaches, all of which you share on this blog; but you’re certainly telling us about what we’re missing! Gorgeous and interesting. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It’s been a long time since I have been to Beauport. Your really lovely pictures captures it perfectly. Can’t wait for the travel restrictions to be lifted so I can go back and picnic there once more. Thanks for reminding me – and more blogs please! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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