The Jersey Collection; Belcroute Bay

Belcroute Bay is a tiny, hidden bay on the South-West of Jersey’s coast, the largest of the Channel Islands. Jersey has so many beautiful beaches, bays and coves, and some of the less used ones are unheard of by visitors to the island. Though Belcroute is small, it has a unique vibe that will charm you, and you can always guarantee it will be quiet.

Belcroute Bay, Jersey, Channel Islands.

A pebble cove, Belcroute Bay does not offer the gorgeous sand that can be found elsewhere in Jersey, but it makes up for it in beauty. Unusual shells are scattered across and the bay is sheltered by tall pine trees and low cliffs. Belcroute looks out towards it’s long, stretching neighbour, St Aubin’s Bay, and St Helier’s town. The bay loses the sun in the early afternoon so to get the best out of it, head there early.

Overlooking the bay is a lookout spot, where you can get great views over the ocean. The rocks to the West create shallow pools to explore, and if you climb over them you’ll find a natural slope leading into the sea. The water here is lovely to swim in – clear and clean – but stay close to shore as there are strong currents further out (just past the cliffs) and the bay does not offer a lifeguard service. Kayaking and paddleboarding are popular here amongst the people who do come. Be aware that you should bring everything you need with you as there are no facilities at Belcroute, adding to it’s secluded, romantic feel. The nearest place to grab something to eat or to get to a toilet is at the infamous Portelet Inn, around a 15 minute walk away.

In the 1930’s, a cliff fall revealed an Iron Age Hearth by the bay; a reminder that people settled here long ago. There was also a diving stage constructed out in the water but it no longer stands.

Belcroute Bay, Jersey, Channel Islands.

Belcroute is very near to Portelet Bay, on a signposted turning a short walk before the carpark at Portelet. If you are visiting by car, I would advise parking at Portelet and walking down the steep, winding road to Belcroute on foot. This is because there isn’t much parking at the bay – only allowing room for a few cars – and the journey down is very narrow, meaning most cars that go down must go back up in reverse. If visiting using public transport, the Route 12a bus stops regularly, both just before the turning to Belcroute and at Portelet Bay.

Rocks at Belcroute Bay, Jersey, Channel Islands.


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