The Jersey Collection; Groznez Castle

Groznez Castle ruins, Jersey, Channel Islands.

Groznez Castle is a site of granite castle ruins situated in Jersey, specifically Groznez in the parish of St Ouen. It sits on the North-West corner of the island and is a must for those visting!

Groznez Castle’s name may be misleading for those expecting towering turrets and grand rooms, akin to Elizabeth Castle or Mont Orgueil Castle. It is very much a ruin and has been since the 16th Century, at least. But don’t underestimate Groznez Castle; it has a lot to offer! The spot is usually quiet, giving visitors a great opportunity to explore in their own time. It is another key place of Jersey history, offering gorgeous sea views. The Castle’s location means that on a clear day you can catch views of all the other Channel Islands! The site also offers beautiful cliff walks where you can find numerous WW2 bunkers and lookout towers built during the German Occupation.

Cliff views by Groznez Castle, Jersey, Channel Islands.

One thing that makes this historical site so interesting is it’s lack of established history. Mysteriously, no one knows how old it is. There has been much speculation about its purpose, with many believing it was built as a refuge. Archaeological studies have been conducted here but not much has been deduced, apart from the fact that it was likely destroyed rather than crumbling over time. Again, no one knows by who but theories include that it may have been demolished for its stone or destroyed by invaders during the French Occupation. A true Jersey mystery!

View over the sea, Groznez Castle, Jersey, Channel Islands.

Groznez Castle is an open site, and is completely free to visit with free parking. For those using public transport, the spot can be reached via the Route 8 bus.

Groznez Castle ruins, Jersey, Channel Islands.

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