The Jersey Collection; St Aubin’s Bay

St Aubin’s Bay at early evening, Jersey, Channel Islands.

St Aubin’s Bay; a long and beautiful beach, beginning in St Helier’s town and ending in St Aubin’s village. Another Jersey beauty, but one that tends to be overlooked despite being so central and having so much to offer!

Elizabeth Castle in the distance, St Aubin’s Bay, St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands.

Starting out from St Helier, the beach has good disabled access, with both a slip-road and stairs leading from the overlooking sea-front onto the firm, golden sands. From there, you can clearly see Elizabeth Castle, which has stood for over 300 years in defence of Jersey. You can get a ferry over the short journey from the beach, with prices averaging at about £15 for the journey and castle entry. When the tide is out, the castle can be reached on foot but you naturally need to be cautious and aware of tide times. I find this part of the beach the best place to swim with it’s shallow, placid water, but if you cannot stand seaweed this may not be the best place for you! The bay does not offer a lifeguard service.

St Aubin’s Bay, Jersey, Channel Islands.

If you decide to walk the length of the beach, you will pass by Victoria’s Pool, a marine lake first opened in the late 1800s. It is a walled area that fills up with sea water during high tide and spends the rest of the time seperated from the sea, like a giant pool. You can walk the wall, or enjoy a sheltered swim (which is what it was initially created for). From there, you will be gradually transitioning from the West side of the bay in St Helier’s large, expansive town, to the East side of the bay in St Aubin’s village, a colourful cluster of shops and restaurants. The beach is not really suitable for swimming on the East side, as it often has harboured boats sitting upon its waters, but any thrill-seekers will find watersports available there, such as jet-skiing.

Liberty Square in St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands.

If you fancy getting a drink or a bite to eat while at the beach, the bay’s location makes it easy to get just about whatever you need. The sea-front itself also makes for a picturesque stroll, especially in the evening when it gets darker and the stringed lights come on, stretching all the way along the walk. The walk is a good long one if you’re doing the full journey but if you aren’t feeling like walking, another benefit of the bay’s location is that it starts less than a 10 minute walk from the island’s bus station in St Helier, and there are stops dotted all along the road behind the promenade. Routes 12, 12a, 14 and 15 all pass St Aubin’s Bay.

St Aubin’s Bay, Jersey, Channel Islands.

St Aubin’s Bay is a classic, iconic Jersey beach and no trip to the island would be complete without paying a visit!

View over-looking St Aubin’s Bay at the St Helier side, Jersey, Channel Islands.

6 thoughts on “The Jersey Collection; St Aubin’s Bay

  1. Anyone know if they still do the Bergerac Tours? Got to see more of Jersey than I would have coz of Bergerac.


  2. I lived and worked there for 10 years then made the mistake of moving back to the mainland for a time which means losing the potential to qualify for Residency. St Hellier with St Aubin’s Bay in front of it is the perfect place.


  3. St Hellier is my home town! Well, the capital of Jersey. I don’t mind sea weed, so it never bothered me while I was growing up. My brothers and I spent most of our holiday breaks at this beach all day, every day. But you’re right – my own children don’t like the sea weed. They think it’s “slimy”.

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