Jamaica In-Depth: YS Falls

Waterfall at YS Falls, Jamaica.

YS Falls is a breathtakingly beautiful place and it is one of Jamaica’s most popular attractions, opened in the early 1990s and located on the South Coast, in the Parish of St Elizabeth.

Swimming underneath one of the waterfalls at YS Falls, Jamaica.

It has a sense of modernity and safety to it, while still feeling like you are in the midst of the jungle. I would recommend making sure you have plenty of time to make your way around the humid, leafy trails and several different waterfalls as it is a big site! From swimming in waterfalls, leaping from rope-swings and relaxing in the warm, natural spring pools, overlooking the miles of treetops that surround the grounds while wildlife roam freely, I would recommend YS Falls to anyone visiting Jamaica.

Hot springs at YS Falls, Jamaica.

On arrival and departure, you will take a tractor ride up and down the winding, bumpy road to the waterfall compound, visiting a charming little gift shop as you make your way back out – incidentally where I made my first Jamaican purchase! I visited the site as part of an excursion, which I understand is the most common and safest way that travellers visit. You will find plenty of tour providers online or through your hotel. YS Falls is family friendly, with play and picnic areas, present lifeguards and being a completely no smoking zone. At the same time, the place will stand out to thrill-seekers and adventurers! There is definitely something for everyone at YS Falls.

Taken mid-splash by one of the smaller waterfalls.

One thing I will say; the waterfalls at YS Falls are cold! Top tip; dunk before you stand under the running water or it will definitely feel like you are doing the ice bucket challenge. Also, tread carefully. It was hard to tell what was floor, what was rock and what was a drop into the depths! That all aside, you can swim freely in the pools (unless there has been very heavy rainfall) and it is a magical experience. A one of a kind place!


6 thoughts on “Jamaica In-Depth: YS Falls

  1. Went once – then again and four times since. Love these falls. I’ve sat there all day.


  2. Very different from where I was born but I loved it. I was glad to feel the ice-water on me in the heat. Like home. I will go here again soon.


  3. This brings back memories. Jamaica is such a strange place. It’s really gorgeous but has some very dangerous areas to it. I was on honeymoon and we went with a bus trip from the hotel, but I wouldn’t have wanted to hire a car and drive myself. The water was cold but the sun was so hot that day it was kind of nice to be able to have freezing water pour all over us. I want to go back for our 10th anniversary, even though there are three kids to tag along this time.

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  4. I’ve been here, on one of those “all inclusive” holidays. It was brilliant. I didn’t want to leave. I’m saving to go again one day.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Never been to Jamaica now thinking of it, looks relaxing must give it a go, mind you I’m a bit of a baby when it comes to cold water but I’m sure it’s needed on a hot day.

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