The Jersey Collection; Plemont Bay

View over Plemont Bay, Jersey, Channel Islands.

Plemont Bay is a hidden Jersey gem that I would really recommend to anyone visiting Jersey! One of the island’s most beautiful beaches, the bay is located on Jersey’s North Coast (just around the corner from the lovely Grève de Lecq).

Plemont Bay, Jersey, Channel Islands.

As you arrive, unbeatable views will meet you, as well as quite a walk (think steep steps…a lot of them). If you follow the dirt path down, to your left you can reach cliff hikes shrouded in trees, or you can continue on, passing by Plemont Beach Café where you can grab some freshly cooked yummy food, with a range of vegetarian and vegan options. From there, you can continue down the steps until you reach the beach itself. Soft, creamy sands and clear blue waters await, which are my favourite on the island to swim in. Though popular with locals and holidaymakers alike, the bay is quite expansive and never really feels over-crowded, even in high Summer. It is also a sun-trap until late afternoon and due to the high cliffs surrounding it winds are low, making it a perfect spot to head to for some sunbathing.

View looking out from inside one of the caves, Plemont Bay, Jersey, Channel Islands.

Another unique feature of the bay is the amazing caves that you can find there. Striking and vibrant, three separate caves are located on Plemont Bay, which were being explored by people back in the Victorian and Edwardian periods but have stood for a lot longer. They are Jersey’s largest caves and are an absolute must-see for those visiting, but they can only be accessed – as well as the entire beach – at low tide. Be sure to check tide times to get the most out of the bay.

View looking out from inside one of the caves, Plemont Bay, Jersey, Channel Islands.

The beach has a lifeguard service throughout the Summer months, so for safety it’s best to visit during the times they are there. This tends to work out, as the tide is usually coming in or already high by the time the lifeguards go. Parking can be a little difficult on busy days as the small car park fills up quickly. If you don’t want to risk it or won’t be driving, there is a bus stop right beside the car park that can be reached via the Route 8 bus. Unfortunately, the steps down to the bay render it unsuitable for those who struggle with walking and there is no disabled access. Facilities are available in the form of public toilets and the café mentioned above.

Plemont Bay is a stunning, one-of-a-kind place that definitely won’t disappoint if you pay it a visit!


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  1. I’m off to Jersey for a holiday this year and will definitely go there it looks lovely, I can’t wait,thanks for the tip about the bus.

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