The Jersey Collection; The Devil’s Hole

Statue of the Devil at the Devil’s Hole in Jersey, Channel Islands.

The Devil’s Hole in the parish of St Mary is one of the places in Jersey that is a must-see for anyone visiting the Channel Islands, an archipelago just off the coast of France. On the North Coast, surrounded by hiking trails and breath-taking views, the Devil’s Hole is not as foreboding as it can appear as you pass by the statue.

Once called Spiral Cave, it became known as the Devil’s Hole when a figurehead of a shipwrecked boat was found in the caves and a local sculptor transformed it to look like a devil. This later prompted the giant statue that stands today to be built as a replacement as the original decayed.

The main footpath is steep (let’s just say it is definitely easier going down then coming back up) but it isn’t very long and is worth following as you will reach a natural crater with 200ft cliff drops that offers beautiful sights over the ocean! A second footpath will lead you on a walk that eventually reaches Grève de Lecq, a gorgeous Jersey beach. Though maybe not as scary as it first seems, there certainly is an eerie atmosphere here, especially if you go on a gloomy, quiet day.

The Devil’s Hole offers parking at the beginning of the trail, right beside The Priory Inn. For all those who aren’t driving, Jersey has great public transport links all over the island and the Devil’s Hole can be reached by the Route 7 bus.

Jersey is the largest of all the Channel Islands, with so much to offer, and if you’re visiting, The Devil’s Hole is a beautiful and unique site to start out at!

View from the footpath on the way down to the crater, the Devil’s Hole, Jersey, Channel Islands.

10 thoughts on “The Jersey Collection; The Devil’s Hole

  1. I am heading over to Jersey (I go regulalry) but have never been to The Devils Hole – it is now on my hit list. Thanks for remigind me of Plemont beach, it’s been a few years since I vistited and forgot how striking it is – also on my hit list .Cheers!

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